A new beginning

2016 has not been a very eventful blogging year here at devmonologue.com. Too few posts, and even less inspiration. But that’s all about to change. We are going to try something different. A magazine!

You know… magazines… those things that people were reading 20 years ago. It’s an awesome technology. Basically, you collect your junk articles throughout the month, slap a cover with boobs and a title page on them and sell it on newsstands and kiosks.

But don’t worry, I’m not that delusional. I don’t expect anyone to pay for my incoherent gibberish. If fact, I’m going to combine magazines with another concept from decades ago - open source. That’s right, you can find all that cr*p in [GitHub here][DevMonologue github].

So be the first one in there to like, comment and subscribe for $19.99</... No... I don't need your pity, you peasant! ## The project Anyway, lets get down to business. The DevMonologue magazine is an experient with a new format. It is going to be a mini publication, magazine style, that covers a particular topic. It is going to contain several articles that complement each other and cover a different angle of the same general theme. I cannot commit to a release schedule, so it's going to be best effort for now. The plan is for it to be completely open source, so all pull requests and comments are welcome. You can read it directly in GitHub even prior to release, but once the issue is complete, it will be exported to formats like PDF and ePub. And maybe even uploaded to places like iTunes for convenience. All of the articles will still be available on the blog as posts, but since they will be written with a whole issue in mind, there will always be a disclaimer at the top encouraging readers to check out the magazine itself. ## Version 1.0 ![DevMonogolue Magazine cover](http://devmonologue.com/images/2016/07/DevMonologueMagazineCover.png) So... I didn't come here empty handed. I have completed Issue 01 of the DevMonogolue magazine - Going open source. There's we talk about the open source community, especially on the Mac and iOS, licensing and actually open sourcing your next project. [Check it out][Issue-01 link] [DevMonologue github]: https://github.com/nsobadzhiev/DevMonologueMagazine [Issue-01 link]: http://wp.me/p48D22-6O