I just wanted to take the time to talk about DevMonologue’s new look. I think that websites and applications need to change their appearance every once in a while so that users don’t get tired of seeing the same thing over and over again. It brings variety and gets people excited about your product. Or at least that’s how I feel about it.

As you can see, the DevMonologue blog looks a lot different. Yes, it is now using a new Wordpress theme - FlatOn. It is a free theme, but considering I’m not making any money from the website, we all need to make sacrifices.

Despite that, I must say, I’m quite pleased with how the blog looks right now. I’m happy to finally move away from the previous theme - Responsive. I never liked it to be honest. It reminded me a little of Apple’s developer website, but other than that it looked too plain and generic to me. And I always wanted something with a flat design - something simple and slick.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy DevMonologue’s new appearance and don’t hesitate to comment and let me know what you think about it. I’d love to get your opinion!